Sunday, April 26, 2015

V is for Voguing

Remember Madonna's "Vogue"? It was a song, but also a new style of "dance," sort of. Or, at least, you could vogue while dancing, and it looked pretty cool. It consisted of making all sorts of fun shapes with your arms and hands. The shapes were meant to emulate modeling poses, but you could link them together in a fluid movement, sort of like a vain version of Tai Chi.

Well, guess what? Cats like to vogue too! Well, mostly just with their tails, but once in awhile with other body parts as well. Below, Tippy is the perfect cat to demonstrate the Cat-Tail Vogue, because of his white tippy tail. You can really see him work it on that backyard dirt-runway.

Here's a whole other type of kitty #vogue:
And some other types of #vogue:

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