Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Platforms (and Patio and Paper and Purring)

Kitties love platforms! My kitties also love my patio, because that is where all of their platforms reside. I have a dual track vinyl and screen that encloses the patio when I need them to stay within the house and patio area, with a kitty door from the patio to my bedroom.

Of course, kitties also love to purr, although some cats purr more often and at a greater volume than others. Another thing I have found is that some of my kitties love plain old paper. Miss Kitty's favorite kind of paper is newspaper. I take about a 1-inch square piece of newspaper, crumple it in a ball (the more irregular the crumple, the better), and throw it on the floor. She will play with that thing for a half hour!

Below, Miss Kitty enjoys one of the patio platforms while Gracie steps down to the little outdoor fridge (where I keep all their opened wet food and raw food) from the window sill. There is another platform above and to the left of Miss Kitty, and a little lip at the top of the wall right above that. The lip leads to their kitty tree (which I'll cover on T-day). The kitties usually go up the tree, across the lip, and down the platforms to their favorite old upholstered chair (which we kept for them to scratch on the patio rather than tossing it out).

Here's a whole different kind of kitty #platform:
And some that are more like mine:

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