Thursday, April 9, 2015

G is for Grooming

One thing every kitty loves is a good grooming. They love being groomed, and they also love to groom other kitties. Booty is the only kitty I have who tries to groom me as well. When I scratch his little chin, he begins licking my fingers and drooling.

In the gif below, Booty is grooming Tippy. When I went to bed at night, Miss Kitty was the only kitty in bed with me. When I woke up, they were almost all in be with me. That is very rare, but it was also very cute. Consider clicking the link to the full video under the gif if you want to see everyone but Bob and Gracie.

I just can't wait to leave the food out all night. Right now, I have to lock it in at night to keep out the stray cats. When all the tunnels I'm installing are finished, I'll be able to leave it all out on the patio.

This gif is also available on this Tumblr post
You can view the entire video on YouTube

And here are some tweets about #grooming cats:

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