Saturday, April 25, 2015

T is for Tunnels and Trees [3 Gifs!!]

 T day is very special because I have three whole gifs to represent it! That's because the tunnels I have installed under the eaves of the the house are one of their favorite things. But so are trees... both real and fake.

Gracie loves the tunnels more than any of the other kitties because they are her favorite place to sleep and play. The other kitties like to play in them, but mostly use them to get from one place to the other.

The next gif is of Cheetah in a custom kitty tree I bought from A Fantasy Forest. I saved up a long time to get this thing, and it was totally worth it. I put it on the enclosed patio, and the cats spend most of their day and night in there.

The final gif is of Miss Kitty climbing down her favorite real tree in the back yard. Bob is there at the bottom waiting for her. It's a magnificent tree, and the kitties agree.

Here are some other kitties in #tunnels and #trees:

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