Sunday, April 5, 2015

D is Dirt Bath

One thing kitties love more than anything in the world is a good old fashioned dirt bath. I have found that nothing quite substitutes for a dirt bath, especially in the high desert. There are few if any parasites in the dirt here (and none in my yard, according to the periodic exams the kitties receive at the animal hospital).

Best of all, the desert dirt cleans much better than any bath. I think it must be the dryness of the dirt. Organisms usually prefer to live in moist places, so a good dirt bath and some cleansing sunlight (they also enjoy sun baths) keeps them much more clean than I could ever manage with a water bath.

Unfortunately, it was too windy for Booty to take a full dirt bath today, but he did take a partial one:

This gif is also available on this Tumblr post
View the full video on YouTube

And here are a few other animals taking a #DirtBath:

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