Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for Angry

Sometimes cats can be angry, especially when they get sick and have to be temporarily kept in a small enclosure.

GT (Giant Teensy, because he looks like a giant version of Teensy) was a stray who was constantly trying to pick fights with all the other strays in the neighborhood. I finally trapped him and took him to the vet. I had him neutered, but he also had lots of injuries, and also tested positive for FIV. I couldn't believe it when they asked me if I wanted to just have him put to sleep!

Of course, I couldn't do that. Some FIV+ cats can live full long lives, into their 20s, as long as the disease does not progress. It's also not extremely contagious, as it usually takes a deep bite to pass it on between neutered cats. However, since he's a bully, I have to keep him in an enclosure.

I'm very happy I saved this baby. That initial test isn't even conclusive. You have to have a more comprehensive test to see if the cat is truly FIV+ (he is, but not all are). I tried to find him a home or sanctuary, but couldn't find anything that would work out. So my solution was to build a nice huge enclosure where he can stay permanently in the fresh air, and put him on an expensive FIV medication. He now has a nice weather-proof heated tent, fun scratch posts and places to climb, and a nice roomy litter box. He has also turned out to be quite sweet and cuddly. His highlight of the day is cuddles and rubs and ear scratchies. Whenever he needs a hug, he just yells out to me... it literally sounds like he's yelling, "Mom! Mom!!"

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